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These curtains are a special addition to your home. Their appearance varies with the light that falls in the window, this creates a new atmosphere with every time of the day. Its design and playful colors make it more than just a curtain, it is a work of art that forms an amazing synagy with the rest of the interior. Length 245cm Width 195cm together almost 4m. I will make the curtain directly to your measurements. Let me know with your order.

Made to order curtains - Sun & Cloud BiG

1.038,00 €Preis
  • 1. Order Curtain 2. Send a message with the exact measurements you need. 3. Do you have any more questions, please call me, or send a message to / +49 157 515 740 49 *since the curtains are made on demand and for your measurements there is no refund, or return possible.

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