We want to inspire women to a new kind of joy, wealth and beauty in life.



Fashion for working godesses

We want women to feel joyful about their bodies, radiate their charisma and inner wealth. 

We pay special attention to how we cut our clothes so that women no longer have to worry about gaining or losing a few pounds. We believe that you have better things to do than that. Let's just wear pieces that fit well and not worry about a size label anymore. Through our clothes we want to encourage you to find your authentic beauty, because this way you shine the brightest.


We are part of her

We see ourselves as part of nature and that is why it is our greatest source of inspiration. We want to inspire our customers to reconnect with Mother Earth to find beautiful solutions for our future and the future of the fashion industry.

Nothing in nature is wasted. We are currently working on possibilities for overproduction and waste recycling.

As nature we go with the flow of life. That's why we also work with producers and artisans like Studio Naenna in Thailand, who allow their female employees to work from home in order to be able to support themselves without being separated from their community and family.

We use most of our waste to produce beautiful textile art. We are also cooperating with other Designers who are using our cut offs for their production and partnered with Drip by Drip. It is the world’s first NGO committed to tackling The water issues in the fashion and textile industry.


Sustainability through textile art and craftsmanship

This is where our heart makes a big jump. We love to find new solutions for the fashion industry through an artistic approach. Creativity holds an infinite number of solutions to create a beautiful, joyful and peaceful world.
We also enjoy and appreciate good quality and craftsmanship in our production. We believe that a high quality garment made with love and craftsmanship will last more than a lifetime. We also love high quality fabrics, such as linen and hand-woven cotton, which become even more beautiful with age. We are very keen on buying fabrics from traditional weaving mills to keep good craftsmanship alive.

Sharing & Caring

We believe in a circular fashion & a new sustainable economy

To keep our clothes in the life cycle as long as possible we sell BLACK VELVET CIRCUS Vintage on our website. Furthermore there is also the possibility to rent our clothes, for this

we cooperate with our partners, and

To free ourselves from environmental and business damaging overproduction and unnecessary manipulation through sale. We want to make the transition to an economy in which we create the world we want to live in through conscious choices. We want give the power back to us people to create and support small and medium enterprises. That is why we are trying to establish a company based on pre-ordering.


Nothing is coincidence

Everything in life is connected, and we like to see and explore fashion from a higher perspective. We look behind the meaning of colors, the frequencies of clothing and how specific trends support humanity in this moment. If you are interested in more information on this topic, please also visit our website on holistic trend forecasting .

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