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This curtain is made with different textile techniques such as intarsia, patchwork, painting and felting. I call it painting with fabric. The different layers and colors create a wonderful atmosphere in the room and change with the light during the day. The measurements of this curtain are 128cm x 160cm (50 inch x 62 inch) You can also order your own measurements and colors. Do you want other items on the table? Just send me a DM and lets have fun!

*Please note that there are no refunds made on custom curtains



650,00 €Preis
  • Ramie´cotton ( Oeko-Tex certified) , the rest is mixed matrials from previeous productions to avoid fabric waste and some new fabrics, when the colors are out of stock.

    *Ramie is an eco friendly fabric and the highly sustainable fiber is an alternative to synthetic fabrics. It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria, as well as light damage and rot and insect attacks. It can be healthily grown without any pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. **Although ramie has the property of being very light resistant compared to linen, the fabric is not 100% light resistant due to its lightness and appearance and can lose some of its colour intensity after a longer period of time. This does not detract from the beauty of the curtain.

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