Production on demand: 2-6 WEEKS

This easy fit pistachio colored dress is perfect for day & night, for garden, couch, or work. It makes you feel super comfy and beautiful at the same time. ( The picture is very true to real color)



Fern helps and supports you to find a new beginning where you did not expect it. Stay open to positive energy and positive change.


The Sunflower dress supports you to stay joyfully in the moment and to find abundance and gratitude in every situation.




Dress Fern & Sunflower short

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    50% cotton jersey (top)

    50% ramie (bottom)

    Ramie: (Boehmeria niveau) is made of natural fibers and is an everlasting kind of the Nettle family very similar to linen.

    Our sizes are:

    beautiful I ( size xs/s)

    beautiful II ( size m)

    beautiful II ( size l/xl)

    The body is fitted but very comfy because of the cotton jersey. It has big lose sleeves and a very fluent skirt. The length is midi.