We want to inspire women to a new kind of bliss, beauty and richness in life. We are an innovator in fashion, we lead by example and show our industry wonderful solutions based on joy.



We believe in holistic fashion. Everything in life is connected, and we like to see and explore fashion from a higher perspective. We take responsibility for the decisions we make to create the world we live in. We look behind the meaning of colors, the frequencies of clothing and how it supports humanity in this moment. If you are interested in more information on this topic, please also visit our website on holistic trend forecasting .


We live to the rhythm of nature to remind us that we are a part of her. That everything in our life is allowed to grow naturally and is in flow with life, without us having to push it forward. We believe that this approach brings us back to a balance with nature, to a respectful use of Mother Earth's resources and, beyond that, to a respectful use of our own resources.
Nothing in nature is wasted! This inspires us to find new resourceful ways of producing. We are using high quality and whenever possible - eco friendly materials and furthermore we use most of our waste to produce beautiful textile art. We are also cooperating with other Designers who are using our cut offs for their production.


We create from our HEART for the highest good of all. We believe that something created with the intention of love and with joy in service to the whole has a positive influence on our world. This is what inspires us in life and in creation itself, and we believe that our consumers can feel this.


We love to find new solutions for the fashion industry through an artistic approach. Creativity holds an infinite number of solutions to create a beautiful, joyful and peaceful world. To go with the flow of life is one of our most important ethnic groups. That's why we also work with producers and artisans like Studio Naenna in Thailand, who allow their female employees to work from home in order to be able to support themselves without being separated from their community and family.
We also enjoy and appreciate good quality and craftsmanship in our production. We believe that a high quality garment made with love and craftsmanship will last more than a lifetime. We also love high quality fabrics, such as linen and hand-woven cotton, which become even more beautiful with age.


Sharing & Vintage

To keep our clothes in the life cycle as long as possible we sell BLACK VELVET CIRCUS Vintage on our website. Furthermore there is also the possibility to rent our clothes, for this

we cooperate with our partners and

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